Panasonic AG-UX90 Repair

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Panasonic AG-UX90 Repair .

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Common Problems in Panasonic AG-UX90

  • Camcorder is dead, will not power on, power intermittent
  • Microphone XLR inputs problem, The XLR connectors are worn out.
  • Headphone jack or camcorder remote focus/iris is dead, intermittent or has a headphone or other plug broken off in it.
  • Broken battery case or compartment. One or more tabs are broken on battery compartment and battery will not hold securely.
  • HDMI output or USB Control is broken or not working
  • Camcorder LCD panel is broken or it is dead or intermittent.
  • Electronic viewfinder (EVF) is dead or it is loose.
  • Firmware updates.
  • Front lens is scratched.
  • Memory Card slot is broken or has card stuck in it or will not accept an memory card.
  • Camcorder shuts off by itself. This is the most common problem with this camcorder.
  • Back focus problem or focus problem, blurry, focus unit making noise
  • Firmware updates.
  • Damage from sand, dust and moisture.
  • Error on screen, turn off the camera on screen
  • The camera will zoom in or out on its own. Zoom Toggle may be unresponsive. Will not zoom in our out.